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Prosecution for Perjury

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Our legal system has a major flaw when it is pertaining to Family Law cases.  Parents testify under oath that they will tell the truth pertaining material facts in a case. However, if they lie in court there are no ramifications and that can severly change the outcome of a case pertaining to children.

If the crime of Perjury was enforced, far less parents would take the chance of lying under oath to gain control of children and use them as pawns.

If factual proof is provided that a parent lied under oath then they should be prosecuted for those material facts that they lied about.


If at some point in time you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a custody case, this will help deter other parties from lying because they will face criminal charges.

Furthermore, this would reduce family law cases and ecourage parties to entertain the mediation process. Currently parents can "roll the dice" and see if they will be believed after lying.  This will also reduce attorney's costs from fighting false allegations.

This law is currently in effect, however it is very rarely charged because the District Attorney's Office views it as a nuisance.

Let's be clear, I am referring to when "factual" evidence is provided and it involves material facts in a case.

I speak as a former Law Enforcement Officer.


I am going thru this exact situation and that is why I am bringing this "call to action".

My wife lied in court during our custody case concerning material facts about domestic violence committed against me. She lied no less than (6) times under oath which is a FELONY. 


She was asked if she ever stated that she wanted to smash me in the face with my laptop.  She denied anything of the sort.

She was asked if she ever wanted to kill me. She denied anything of the sort.

She was asked if she ever made remarks to our children against me. She denied anything of the sort.

* Those are just a few examples

These are material facts in this case and are not word for word for this example, but this changed the outcome of this case. I recorded every conversation on video or audio and I have now have had it transcribed for law enforcement.


Imagine you could be in this same scenario and even though the Family Law Court failed you at that moment, wouldn't you want to be vindicated?

If the other parent is found guilty, then your family law case can be reviewed because those lies changed the outcome of your case pertaining to your children.

This has been a nightmare for myself as a single parent for 2 1/2 years with sole custody of our girls. I can only imagine what my girls have been through because a parent wants to use them as pawns.

If you want more information on my story you can go to or YouTube and search Tessa Farron and see what I'm talking about.


Thank you for joing the fight for justice.


Christopher Dancel


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