My Son Was Killed By Police The Same Way As George Floyd

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Christopher Eisinger was killed by the Anaheim Police while walking down a sidewalk. Suspected of petty larceny, five officers held him down for over 5 minutes with their knees on his head, neck, and back until he suffocated. They put so much weight on his head he had five fractures in his face and his eyeball popped out of the socket.

After he stopped breathing, not one of the officers tried to save his life by attempting CPR. Instead they sat and waited for over 8 minutes for the paramedics to arrive.  Chris was an unarmed Black man who did not deserve to die.

As with Mr. Floyd, The Orange County Coroner tainted autopsy report blamed drugs, unrelated health issues and exertion for the death, instead of asphyxiation by the officers choking him to death. The police also lied about Chris having a weapon. None of the officers were charged or reprimanded for the killing, and are still working.

Anaheim PD has a long history of brutality, and until these five officers are punished this killing of innocent black lives will continue. Demand that Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer reopen the investigation into the death of Christopher Eisinger!


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