Stop the Charter Schools in Avalon Park

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We, the residents of greater Avalon Park area, petition the Orange County Board of County Commissioners to vote against allowing two charter schools to be built in Avalon Park. If built, these charter schools would be detrimental to our community and would adversely affect property values.

 Charter Schools USA in Avalon Park (CSUSA Avalon), a 1,145 capacity K-8 school on 6.27 acres, is proposed to be built on Mailer Blvd. across from Avalon Middle School. Pinecrest Avalon Academy (Pinecrest Avalon), a 1,400 capacity 6-12 school on 2.69 acres, is proposed to be built on Avalon Park Blvd. in downtown Avalon Park.

 The purpose of a charter school is to step in when the existing schools are not successful. All schools in Avalon Park are A-rated schools. When the charters were granted by OCPS without a specific location, they were not meant to pull students from A-rated, successful schools. With the building of the relief school at Timber Springs, there is no need or desire for over 2500 additional student seats to be created on sub-par plots of land in our small area. This community worked diligently to provide relief for an overcrowded middle school, and did so within the rules and boundaries put forth by OCPS and the BCC. The two proposed charter schools have no such restrictions. Placing charter schools in Avalon Park is incompatible with the neighborhood’s mission of Live, Learn, Work and Play. With the addition of 2954 extra trips (cars) for CSUSA Avalon and 2331 extra trips (cars) for Pinecrest Avalon, this walking, bike-riding neighborhood would no longer live up to its mission. Our neighborhood is already at capacity in regards to parking and traffic.

 The signatures below represent a portion of the greater Avalon Park residents opposed to building the charter schools at the proposed locations.

 ·         TRAFFIC: Potentially 5000 to 6000 additional car trips into and out of Avalon Park daily because busing is not provided and enrollment is open to all OCPS students with a vast majority of charter school students coming from outside our area.

·         EMS: During peak times, EMS response could be severely impacted

·         PARKING: Lack of available parking means the parking spots in Downtown Avalon Park normally used for access to local businesses would be taken by High School students coming to Pinecrest Avalon.

·         SAFETY: CSUSA Avalon, a K-8 school, would require multiple stacking lanes, meaning elementary school children would have to cross between multiple car lanes when being dropped off and picked up at school. 

·         DETRIMENT TO DOWNTOWN: APG has stated existing liquor licenses for businesses in Downtown Avalon Park will not be impacted.  However, new business wanting a liquor license will have to go through a laborious process to obtain one due to the close proximity to a school.  Businesses may try to open elsewhere to avoid a lengthy legal battle.

·         NOT NEEDED IN OUR COMMUNITY: Charter Schools are most needed in areas with failing schools. Avalon area has A-rated schools, so many parents will not move their children to the Charter Schools.  These schools should be located in an area where they are needed and convenient to those students.

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