Require Oprah Winfrey’s Public Apology to Michael Jackson

Require Oprah Winfrey’s Public Apology to Michael Jackson

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Started by Teresa Bruner

In 2019, the Documentary “Leaving Neverland” aired on HBO. It was produced by Dan Reed and starred James Safechuck and Wade Robson who were both claiming allegations of sexual abuse by Michael Jackson when they were young boys and had visited Neverland, Michael’s home.

Immediately after it’s release, the Michael Jackson fanbase joined forces and were able to debunk and disprove every single lie that was presented as truth in the documentary. The Michael Jackson Estate has been working tirelessly since then to get justice for Michael & his Legacy. They had every single court case thrown out that was presented by Safechuck and Robson because it was apparent that this was undoubtedly a ploy for monetary gain with no truth whatsoever to their pleas.

The FBI had investigated Michael and his Neverland Ranch for 10+ years regarding these allegations and others, but were unable to find zero evidence of misconduct on Michael’s part. Michael was cleared in a court of law of all charges against him in 2005..a day of Vindication for him and his fans!

We, the fans are demanding that Oprah Winfrey make a Public Apology to Michael, his family and fans because she supported Leaving Neverland, Dan Reed, James Safechuck and Wade Robson in 2019 when LN was released on HBO. She even had a program that aired right after the initial airing of LN  with her guests being Reed, Safechuck and Robson. She presented sexual abuse by Michael Jackson as a fact without any research of her own to see if the story she was supporting was even true, which it definitely wasn’t. 

The Estate of Michael Jackson has since had the documentary removed from circulation, but the damage was done and we the fans demand that Oprah Winfrey go public with an apology. Oprah has a massive following, is influential and can reach the masses with the truth because regardless of the effort the Estate has made to clear Michael’s name, there are those that still believe that Leaving Neverland was true. This is the least that Oprah can do to right the wrong that she did in 2019. We hope that she will answer our request and that other Major Media outlets will follow suit so that the Legacy of Michael Jackson can finally be cleared in everyone’s eyes.

1,536 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!