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Oprah for President 2020!

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Run, Oprah, Run!

Oprah, we are ready to join-up for your campaign!

In 2002, I believed Oprah was the leadership America needed That was true then and is even more true now.

After September 11th, when America was in despair, Oprah lead the prayer service at Yankee Stadium. With a country in crisis, Oprah’s leadership shone then as brightly as it did on Monday at the Golden Globes. In 2002, I was transfixed by her presence and words at Yankee Stadium that somber September day.

Oprah has been, for decades, a powerful draw to many as she transcends race and gender and exuding a caring intelligence that inspires hope. 

My generation grew up with Oprah in our living-rooms challenging us, every day, to be better. To read more. To discuss difficult issues. To be more grateful, gracious and more spiritual. Oprah asked her viewers to create more powerful daily lives filled with mercy and meaning.

In 2018, after the Golden Globes, I am filled with gratitude that a younger, perhaps better, generation of Americans who did not grow up watching Oprah at 4:00 EST every weekday afternoon, got a glimpse of what many in my generation already knew---we need Oprah in the White House.

If you believe an African American woman named Oprah Winfrey would lead America to better place in the world, join me in on a petition asking Oprah to run.

The time for racism and misogyny in our country, communities and workplaces may truly be finally up. Let’s make it real this time.

Run Oprah, run!



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