Opposition for the Suspension of Major and Minor Programs at UW-Superior

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Opposition for the Suspension of Major and Minor Programs at UW-Superior

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Sydney Kloster started this petition to Renee Wachter

Many students at the University of Wisconsin Superior are outraged at the recent decision to suspend 9 majors, 15 minors and 1 masters program, as well as put 15 other programs on warning. Students and faculty were not consulted about this decision that was announced October 31st. From this policy's announcement date, no students will be allowed to enroll in the suspended programs. The school has stated that this is not for budgetary reasons. But claim instead that majors/minors must be cut because it makes decisions harder for first generation students. This claim is insulting, and the research cited as evidence is not applicable this University's situation. This statement also implies that the majors on this list would be the wrong decisions for first generation students. This decision also goes against the liberal arts principles on which the University was founded.

This policy is not in the best interest of students, faculty, or the University as a whole. More importantly, there was no forum for input from students or faculty before this decision was made.


Suspended (Graduate Programs)

Masters in Art Therapy

Suspended (Majors/Concentrations)  

Broad Field Science 
Broad Field Science (Teaching) 
Chemistry: Forensic  
Communicating Arts: Journalism 
Communicating Arts: Media 
Political Science  
Visual Arts: Art History  

Suspended (Minors) 
Computer Science  
Computer Science (Teaching) 
Earth Science  
Geography (Teaching) 
Global Studies  
Health and Human Performance 
History (Teaching) 
Legal Studies 
Media Communication  
Physics (Teaching) 
Psychology (Teaching) 


Warning (Major Programs)

Broad Field Social Science
Broad Field Social Science (teaching)
Chemistry (teaching)
Computer science
History (teaching)
Mathematics (teaching)

Warning (Minor Programs)

Biology (teaching)
Chemistry (teaching)
English (teaching)
Mathematics (teaching)

The programs cut have little rhyme or reason. For example, the global studies minor on this list costs almost nothing and is a very popular program, whereas gender studies, which also costs nothing but has half the participants isn’t on this list. I am not advocating that either should be cancelled but rather that these choices seem arbitrary and not dictated by student’s desires. Granted, it was stated that this was not for budgetary reasons. In that case, it must be for the students. The implications of this policy are far reaching and will affect the overall quality of the education UW-Superior has to offer.

Please sign this petition if you do not approve of this policy and its implementation.

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This petition had 5,546 supporters

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