Opposition of Large Retail Cannabis Dispensary in the Heart of Costa Mesa

Opposition of Large Retail Cannabis Dispensary in the Heart of Costa Mesa

August 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Schellie Walsh

Please sign this petition to the Costa Mesa City Council Members & Mayor in OPPOSITION of the proposed LARGE RETAIL CANNABIS Storefront & DEL Dispensary (Application No. PA-21-27) on the corner of Bristol St. & Newport Blvd (1072 Bristol St.) in the heart of Costa Mesa! This petition is made on behalf of several of the 49+ homes and 125+ residents of The Masters Circle neighboring the subject property. Date of Hearing still to be determined. Help us keep our children & elderly safe.


Let your voice be heard in opposition of Application No. PA-21-27 by: 

(1) Sign this petition  (2) Email The Costa Mesa City Council Members & Mayor Stephens & CALL:

John Stephens, Mayor  (714) 337-1872        john.stephens@costamesaca.gov

Andrea Marr, Mayor Pro Tem         (714) 975-4779        andrea.marr@costamesaca.gov

Manuel Chavez, Council Member   (714) 754-5285        manuel.chavez@costamesaca.gov

Loren Gameros, Council Member   (949) 524-0085        loren.gameros@costamesaca.gov

Jeff Harlan, Council Member        (714) 754-5285        jeffrey.harlan@costamesaca.gov

Don Harper, Council Member        (714) 754-5285            don.harper@costamesaca.gov

Arlis Reynolds, Council Member    (714) 754-5285        arlis.reynolds@costamesaca.gov

Janet Hauser, Exec Secretary         (714) 754-5107        janet.hauser@costamesaca.gov

ALL CITY COUNCIL                       (714) 754-5107        citycouncil@costamesaca.gov

(3) Watch YouTube Link of Aug. 8, 2022 Costa Mesa City Planning Commission decision 7-0 Opposing Lg. Retail Cannabis Store (1072 Bristol). https://youtu.be/HeaPEHZbPeo

Application No. PA-21-27 is NOT suitable for 1072 Bristol St. Costa Mesa, CA (Bristol St. & Newport Blvd) for many reasons including but not limited to:

  1. Increase in traffic and motor-vehicle accidents.
    • Newport Blvd North approaching Bristol St. is a one-way only street and vehicles have often mistakenly driven in the wrong direction;
    • Vehicles are already speeding on Newport Blvd North since it is near the 73 and 55 highways;
    • Traffic will be greatly increased by the exiting of 1072 Bristol visitors onto Newport Blvd North with higher traffic loads waiting at the corner traffic light. There will be an additional traffic burden of dispensary delivery trucks in and out of the parking lot 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily;
    • There is little to no parking in this area, resulting in vehicles and pedestrians lingering on the street;
    • Individuals may consume cannabis in their motor vehicles and drive under the influence;
  2. A likely increase in the number of individuals involved in illegal drug-trafficking and other criminal activity in the region;
    • Marijuana businesses are particularly at risk for burglary and theft due to the amount of cash and large amounts of product they keep on the premises. Many dispensaries have a significant influx of cash each day since they cannot accept major credit or debit cards. This particular dispensary will have an easy access out for potential criminals since its next to the 55, 73, and 405 highways.
  3. 1072 Bristol St. is a commercial building that faces the backyard of the residential homes of The Masters Circle, less than 50 feet away, separated by a 6 ft high wall. The store will jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of children, elderly and families of The Masters Circle and the use and enjoyment of their property;
    • The Masters Circle is a very unique cul-de-sac street that only has one way to enter via Newport Blvd North.  Exiting the street is also only to the right onto Newport Blvd North. The entrance to 1072 Bristol is the next driveway (less than 50 feet) up on Newport Blvd North;
  4.  Increase the number of indigent individuals living in the region;
    • Expect to see a row of indigent individuals and tents below the freeways ramps and on the corner of Newport Blvd and Bristol St. similar to LA County;
  5. Harm the lives of the numerous individuals living at the Mental Health Rehabilitation centers located under 500 ft away from the store front;
  6. Lead to a cascade of all these problems throughout other regions of the area, as more and more cannabis dispensaries will be popping up. Once one permit is granted, others will follow;
  7. The store will be approximately within a half a mile of the Orange County Fair, The Camp, The Lab, The Costa Mesa Bark Park and multiple other popular locations where children and teenagers are actively present jeopardizing their overall safety and exposing them to cannabis, edibles, other related products, and the dangerous listed above.

You have authority to share/repost this petition anywhere amongst your family, friends & community. Please help us keep our community safe! THANK YOU!

Watch the Costa Mesa Planning Commission's First Meeting regarding this application for further information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP2ArcUlCyQ

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Signatures: 242Next Goal: 500
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