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Oppose the US Highway 550/ Bridge to Nowhere connection

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Now is the time to sign the petition calling for the public officials responsible for constructing this edifice of an eyesore to be held accountable.                

When public officials refused to admit responsibility and contrition for the squandering of millions on a project that was justified with over-inflated engineering data, they are corrupt. When public officials plan on decimating the rural character of our community when other more reasonable options exist, they are corrupt.

Corruption must be met with resistance and justice. We can resist by advocating for what's right. 

The Bridge to Nowhere has become the centerpiece of a regional dumb-growth strategy. Its justification was based on over-inflated demographic and traffic growth projections that were calculated with convoluted, arbitrary, illogical and inexplicable mathematical formulas.

The Bridge to Nowhere was constructed preemptively without a necessary easement in place before hand. After building was started without the easement needed to access the Bridge to Nowhere, the CDOT Justified the bridge as having "independent utility" outside of its original intention of connecting U.S. Highway 550 to U.S. Highway 160. Currently, it is only used by those on the south side of U.S. 160 who have you been forced to after CDOT put a guardrail barrier in the middle of U.S. 160 to prevent west-bound traffic from turning off of the highway. This project has shown us how the sled was put before the dogs, and planning was skipped altogether while CDOT mushed away with our tax dollars!

How does CDOT continues to pretend It was a success while refusing to admit to their obvious mistakes in scheduling this project? Their straight-faced public-relations cheerleading is a joke, right?

Please rethink the long-term environmental consequences of these lapses in planning and what the excavation of more than 30 million tons of dirt, rock and vegetation from the end of Florida Mesa would look like on this rural landscape. Even more, please give the changes of the existing alignment of Farmington Hill a chance for the future of connecting U.S. 550 to U.S. 160.

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