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Oppose The Stop Online Piracy Act

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Join us in urging our members of Congress to defend the freedom of information, the first amendment, and pledge to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

The immigrant youth movement relies on the freedom of the internet for movement growth and campaign effectiveness. It is difficult for us to travel and meet each other in person - but the free flow of information on the internet has fostered our community, and created the spaces for us to gather, exchange, and organize online.

There are multiple points of concern. We will identify only a few.

Policies currently in place protect sites that host content from being shut down or crippled by damages for their users' illegal actions. Hosts like Youtube, for example, are then exempt from being liable for the actions of their users so long as sites comply with certain conditions.   

SOPA would change that, and extend liability to content hosts, which could bring the end of popular hosts such as Youtube, flickr, Tumblr and Facebook. It would also allow copyright holders to push around people who compete with them, under the guise of upholding the law. Massive media companies could easily take advantage of this situation to shut down a lot of content that they accuse of infringing copyright law.

By sanctioning this kind of government interference with the internet, the meter on internet freedom reads more like China and Syria than it does a country that values the first amendment.

Finally, the internet is the closest thing to a free space we have left. SOPA would set up two classes of an online entity: one foreign, and one domestic. The particulars of this issue are messy, but the implication is that the border less internet we believe should exist will be replaced by an internet with order, controlled connections, and national borders.

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