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Oppose the Rush to Frack in North Carolina

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Fracking is a controversial process of drilling for natural gas. It’s being investigated for possible links to groundwater contamination in Wyoming, earthquakes in Ohio from the waste disposal process, and methane contamination leading to tap water that can be lit on fire in Pennsylvania.

In 2012, North Carolina legislators passed a bill that legalized fracking, but did not allow drilling to begin until the legislature approved rules and safety regulations for this controversial practice. Now, some of the very same state legislators who claimed to want to have strong standards in place before fracking begins in NC, are pushing legislation that would weaken their own rules passed just last year.

Senate Bill 76, if passed, would allow fracking to be permitted before legislators even review whether adequate protections and regulations are in place. Tell North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and your state legislators that this rush to fracking in North Carolina is unsafe and unacceptable!


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