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Oppose the Cruel Practice of Factory Farming of Egg-Laying Hens

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Perhaps not as famous as Proposition 8, Proposition 2--originally known as the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act now amended and renamed as the Standards for Confining Farm Animals--passed by a landslide in California in November 2008.

Because of Proposition 2, all egg-laying hens will have the ability to stand up, turn around, and extend their limbs by 2015.  Since Governor Schwarenegger signed AB 1437 in July of this year, Proposition 2’s effects are even greater.  You see, according to the new law, all eggs imported to CA after 2015 must meet these same standards.  So, in effect, California will be the first state to go cage-free!

"By signing this bill, Governor Schwarzenegger has taken an important step in protecting animal welfare in a way that will also improve food safety for consumers across California," said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. "Californians have made it clear that they don't want unsafe eggs from hens crammed into cages, and we applaud the Legislature and governor for heeding this call."

Please sign this petition urging your state politicians to work on the same, more humane legislation which would help to minimize the cruel practice of factory farming of egg-laying hens in your state and eventually all across this nation.

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