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Petitioning Environmental Protection Agency Rafael P. Gonzalez

Oppose the Clinton Landfill proposed expansion above the Mahomet Aquifer

Let the Environmental Protection Agency know that the proposed expansion of the Clinton Landfill to include PCB"s (Polyclorinated Biphenyls) over the Mahomet aquifer is not wanted. The aquifer is run by Illinois American Water, and many residents in East Central Illinois get their water supply from this source. PCB's were banned by the United States in 1979 due to the toxicity of the chemicals. As a result, any company that wishes to dispose of PCB's has to get special permission from the EPA in order to store them. Water sources known to be contaminated by PCB's have shown negative impacts on the fish supply. PCB's also pose a health hazard to human beings. City officials, including Champaign Mayor Don Gerard, have protested this expansion, and I'm asking you to join in this protest, and to let your voice be heard.


Letter to
Environmental Protection Agency Rafael P. Gonzalez
Many residents in East Central Illinois rely on the Mahomet aquifer for their water supply. Currently there is a proposal to expand the Clinton Landfill which sits above the aquifer, to dispose of PCB's (Polyclorinated Biphenyls). PCB's were banned in the United States in 1979, and have been linked to a number of health issues.

Public officials, including Champaign Mayor Don Gerard, have voiced opposition to the proposal, due to safety and quality concerns on how this can have an impact on the water supply.

According to the below article the US Environmental Protection has extended the public comment period to August 14, 2011 so that residents can let their voice be heard.

I am writing to ask you to protest the expansion of the Clinton Landfill, and to ask the EPA to deny the application submitted by Disposal Service Inc. Please sign the petition so your voice can be heard.