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The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is in the process of determining whether to allow seismic testing off the Atlantic coast. Seismic testing involves the use of air guns that send blasts of compressed air into the water (comparable to explosives) to determine the amount oil and gas reserves that are available. This dangerous method of exploration can cause serious injury to dolphins, sea turtles and endangered species like the blue whale and humpback whale that call the Atlantic Ocean home.

North Carolina’s beautiful natural beaches and coast line are just some of the many natural treasures our state has to offer. Visitors come to our coast to experience our national and state parks and engage in recreational diving, boating, fishing and surfing, among many other activities. This is why we don't want seismic testing or offshore drilling to become a reality off our beautiful coast.

Please sign our petition to BOEM urging them to oppose seismic testing off of the Atlantic coast.

Letter to
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
We write to you in strong opposition of seismic testing and offshore oil and gas exploration off our beautiful coast. North Carolina’s Outer Continental Shelf is estimated to have very low oil and gas resources, and allowing seismic testing off of our coast could cause serious injury to endangered marine mammals like the humpback whale and the blue whale. North Carolina's strong coastal economy depends on a healthy coast and thriving natural resources. Allowing seismic testing and offshore drilling could devastate our coast and communities.

As North Carolinians, we are very concerned about protecting our beautiful beaches, coastal communities and economy. We strongly oppose allowing seismic testing off the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf.