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The Bureau of Land Managements has proposed removing 1,094 wild horses from the High Rock Complex on the California-Nevada border this fall. And it's just the beginning: the larger plan is to permanently remove a total of 2,000 mustangs from a tri-state area (California, Nevada and Oregon).

Although the High Rock Complex includes 584 square miles of Herd Management Areas, the BLM claims there's room for no more than about 250-450 horses. Meanwhile, the BLM has authorized the equivalent of 1,776 cattle to graze that same area.

In addition to the terrifying stress of the roundups and the horses who will be separated from their families in the process, the thousand horses removed from High Rock Complex will be sent to the BLM's already-overcrowded facilities, where more than 42,000 horses are being warehoused at a cost of nearly $40 million a year to taxpayers. These cruel roundups have to stop.

Following public outcry, the BLM included Alternative C in the Environmental Assessment, a humane option which involves treating females with a reversible, non-hormonal fertility vaccine and then returning all of the horses to the range. BLM is ignoring this cost-effective, compassionate option in their latest proposal. Take action to oppose the proposed roundup and urge the BLM to implement Alternative C.

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 For more information, see the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

Letter to
Manager, BLM Surprise Field Office Allen Bollschweiler
I am writing in opposition to the proposed removal of 1,094 wild horses from public lands in the High Rock Complex on the California-Nevada border. I urge you to choose the more cost-effective and compassionate option of Alternative C -- the fertility-control solution in the Environmental Assessment.

The proposed action (Alternative A) would leave just 258 horses in a 584-square mile public lands area, while the equivalent of more than 1,500 privately-owned cattle are authorized to graze that same area. This proposal fails to consider an option for accommodating current wild horse population levels by temporarily reducing livestock grazing pursuant to 43 C.F.R. 4710.5(a).

With over 42,000 mustangs already warehoused at a cost of nearly $40 million a year to taxpayers, it is fiscally irresponsible to remove another thousand horses from the range, especially when there is a more cost-effective alternative available (the fertility-control solution).

In addition, there is insufficient justification for removing horses in excess of artificially-low, allowable population levels, and for the proposed 60/40 sex ratio of the horses who would be returned to the complex.

In recent months, the Bureau of Land Management has indicated that it wants to reform how it handles the wild horse program. Yet by ignoring the progressive, humane alternative in favor of removal, the agency is falling back on the same wasteful, ineffective and inhumane actions.

I urge you to reject the current proposal and implement Alternative C instead.

Thank you.

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