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OPPOSE HB 6654: Do not allow black bear hunting in Connecticut!

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The black bear population in Connecticut became virtually extinct in the 19th century due to human activities and habitat destruction. The black bear has, only very recently, begun to repopulate its once native habitat. Now, the State of Connecticut is considering providing licenses to hunters to kill black bears in order to reduce the number of bears in the state. The State justifies this consideration based upon purely unscientific evidence that there has been a recent increase bear sightings and human interactions - however, this information is simply hearsay  (i.e. the sightings could have all been the same bear, or a small number of bears sighted often). But the high-priced lottery for these hunting licenses would bring in revenue for the DEEP - essentially, they will be selling the lives of our precious bears for a couple hundred bucks a piece.

Black bears are virtually harmless, non-agressive creatures by nature. With an increase in public education regarding bear safety and proper outdoor food and garbage storage, we can reduce the incidences of black bear sightings and keep the animals safe from harm. We must learn to peacefully co-exist with our wildlife populations, not resort to killing them when we feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced by their presence.

Allowing hunters to kill these harmless animals could place the species on the brink of extinction in Connecticut yet again. Similar hunts allowed in other states have led to disasterous results, including the abuse of hunting priviledges, and resulting in the murder of bear mothers and cubs.

Please do not allow this travesty to occur in Connecticut. Join us in telling the Governor of Connecticut and the Connecticut DEEP that we do NOT want a black bear hunt!

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