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Support the Indiana Deaf Education Coalition Oppose HB1367 and VOTE NO...


This bill is NOT about parent Choice of options and services when it comes to Outreach services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.  It is about gutting one state agency that is an expert in Deaf Education and Early Intervention, the Indiana School for the Deaf Outreach, to replace it with an unknown, unplanned, and unfunded agency under the SOLE direction of the Office of Management and Budget with no accountability to anyone.  This bill was based upon NO official OMB report and NO accurate fiscal analysis.  This bill aims to improve services by reinventing the wheel instead of enhancing services that are already provided through ISD's Outreach.  


Please vote responsibly.....Vote NO 

Letter to
Indiana State Legislature
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Indiana State Legislature.

Stop HB 1367

Support the Indiana Deaf Education Coalition in OPPOSING HB 1367. This piece of legislation is designed to dismantle an excellent source of Professional Outreach to Indiana parents who have Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and place that outreach in the hands of unknown players. The Indiana School for the Deaf is one of the top schools in the nation and their Outreach Services are up-to-date and top caliber when it comes to professional services, including providing comprehensive information to parents on all available options for for families of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.

This bill along with the Office of Management and Budget’s recent study on ISD is a work of pressure from HEAR IN, a chapter of Alexander Bell Association. AGBell Association is strictly an oral organization that does not support bilingual education through American Sign Language and English. In fact it prohibits the use of sign language in its educational therapies. Their limited view on educating Deaf and Hard of Hearing children is outdated and not comprehensive of all the communication options available for families in Indiana.

HB 1367 is vague and fiscally irresponsible. It leaves the decision making on how to set this up in the hands of the bills supporters and gives only token participation to the experts in the field that differ with the supporters viewpoints. It pits parents against parents. It is being rushed through without a legislative study or even an accurate cost analysis. Indiana is struggling as it is and trying to recreate the wheel, time and time again, is an unnecessary waste of time and taxpayer dollars.


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