Oppose FMCSA speed limiter mandate for trucks

Oppose FMCSA speed limiter mandate for trucks

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Why this petition matters

Started by Bret Roberts

The FMCSA is once again cowtowing to the ATA which lobbies for the CEO's of the largest trucking companies in another attempt to destroy small businesses in the industry.

Why should non truck drivers be concerned? Have you ever got stuck behind a slow truck taking forever to pass an even slower truck? Chances are both of those trucks have speed limiters. Probably one capping the speed at 62mph with the other capped at 64mph. Truck drivers are often expected to drive hundreds of miles per day and most are paid by the mile. A few miles per hour slower can add up to alot of money over the course of a week, a month, a year. That's why that 64mph truck insists on maintaining his/her speed and makes that pass to the aggrevation of the other motorists. 

Imagine doing a long road trip in a car that was limited to 65mph. How boring would that long road trip? Wouldn't that accelerate your chances of fatigue along with the stress of all the honking horns and one finger salutes you'd be receiving throughout the day? Driver fatigue is extremely dangerous. 

If you look at traffic in Ontario Canada where a speed limiter mandate like what's being proposed is in place the traffic is terrible. The slower by mandate trucks are causing massive congestion everyday. It's already becoming a problem here in the U.S. with the large ATA partner corporate fleets getting discounts on insurance for running their trucks slower. 

The speed kills myth: The autobahn's in Germany are the safest highways in the world. Multiple studies have shown that drivers are more focused and attentive at higher speeds. At slower speeds drivers are more likely to become distracted and/or fatigued. It's why we see speed limits going up all across the country. Ask yourself, is it really safe to drive 65mph on a stretch of freeway where the speed limit is 80mph? Would you feel safe doing that or would you fear getting rear ended? It only takes that brief second of distraction checking your phone, messing with the radio, fumbling for something you dropped then BAM! You hit that slow truck that's slow to no fault of the truck driver. Truck drivers don't like impeding traffic anymore than you like being impeded which is why we need your help. 

The environmental argument: Advocates for this argue that slower speeds reduce fuel consumption and emissions output thus helping the environment. This is false. Fuel consumption has more to do with RPM's than speed. Gearing amongst other factors effect the optimal RPM range for fuel efficiency. Most new trucks today are geared for maximum efficiency between 1,200 to 1,400 RPM's or about 70mph give or take. Lugging the truck below the optimum RPM range actually burns more fuel and creates more greenhouse gasses. It's also producing less power making it slower going up hills when loaded. Again, if you don't like getting stuck behind slow trucks please sign and if you care about highway safety and/or the environment please sign. 

Thank you  for your time and consideration. 

316 have signed. Let’s get to 500!