Oppose 2021 Hatcher Rezoning, Protect Cary Historic Carpenter Special Planning Area

Oppose 2021 Hatcher Rezoning, Protect Cary Historic Carpenter Special Planning Area

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21-REZ-09 Hatcher Properties

About Us:
​Protect Historic Carpenter Special Planning Area is a movement founded in 2020 by Cary citizens.

The zoning of Cary affects quality of life for everyone and all generations to come.
It is our duty as citizens to make our voices heard, hold our leaders accountable, and educate and empower other Cary citizens.

In 2020, when a builder was interested in purchasing the Hatcher property, and an application requesting rezoning of the Hatcher properties submitted, citizens spoke up.

​Citizens made their voices heard in 2020 by creating a website and a petition signed by more than ONE THOUSAND opposing the rezoning. (To view the 2020 campaign, see keepcarygreen.com and the 2020 petition.)

The rezoning application was withdrawn by the builder in December of 2020.
​Last year in 2021, the problem is back again: another rezoning application (case # 21-REZ-09), this one with Pulte as the builder. 

We strongly oppose the rezoning.  The 2021 rezoning request, which proposes up to 92 townhouses and 6 detached dwellings, is NOT in compliance with the Cary Community Plan 2040, or the requirements of the Historic Carpenter Special Planning Area for Neighborhood South. (Please see details at ProtectCaryHistoricArea.com)

The property is located behind the Carpenter Farm Supply store - a building from 1885. So not far behind this little historic heritage store, they want to build crammed townhouses, which would ruin the esthetics and historic feel of this area. 

There are 12.99 acres of trees on the Hatcher property, most of which will be
destroyed. And not only that, but this proposed development is at the top of an incline above the lake, ready to dump pollution right into it.

If you like to preserve historic places, green areas, wildlife, high quality of life for people, and much more, then please read this petition and take action now by:

         A) SIGN this, our new 2021 petition.

         B) EMAIL Town of Cary - virtualtownhall@townofcary.org - your opinions of OPPOSING the Hatcher rezoning

         C) SHARE this petition and information to relatives, friends, and fellow Cary residents.

We strongly OPPOSE the rezoning of the Hatcher Properties.  Together let's protect Historic Carpenter Special Planning Area! 

Please visit our new 2021 website: ProtectCaryHistoricArea.com
Our email: protectHCSPA@gmail.com

Background and further information:

1 - In Cary, in the Neighborhood South area of the Historic Carpenter Special Planning Area, there is the Hatcher property (about 23.57 acres). Please see map on our website.  ProtectCaryHistoricArea.com

2 - Neighborhood South is a small area - just the Hatcher properties, a few lots/dwellings south of Morrisville Carpenter, Magnolia Estates, and Olde Carpenter.  All low density.  

3 - The Cary Community Plan 2040 for “Neighborhood South” states that: “Residential development further afield should use a scale and density comparable to the nearby established neighborhoods in Olde Carpenter and Magnolia Estates.” (pg 189)

4 - Olde Carpenter's density is 2.5 dwellings/acre.  Magnolia Estates' density is 2.1 dwellings/acre.  The average density between them is 2.3 dwellings/acre.

5 - The 2021 rezoning proposal (92 townhouses, 6 detached) is a density of 4.2 dwellings/acre - so instead of roughly 2 dwellings/acre like surrounding communities, the proposal is 4 dwellings/acre - DOUBLE.

6 -  The 2021 Hatcher rezoning application does NOT meet the criteria of Cary Community Plan and Carpenter Community Plan, and disregards the basic guidelines of both Cary Community Plan and Carpenter Community Plan regarding Neighborhood South.

7 - Also note: there are NO townhouses in either Magnolia Estates or Olde Carpenter in Neighborhood South.  Crammed townhouses and crammed houses will ruin the aesthetics and natural beauty of Neighborhood South, and the Historic District that is right next to Neighborhood South.

8 - This petition is an extension/addition of the website, please visit for more details and documentation: ProtectCaryHistoricArea.com

9 - The 2021 Hatcher rezoning application was moved into Phase 3, the Public Hearing, which was originally scheduled in December, but postponed for February 2022.  Please do not lose your interest, because your help is essential for our cause.

IT IS CRITICAL for residents to express their opinions and feelings, before the public hearing, by signing this petition, sharing this petition and information to relatives and friends, and visiting the website.

10 - Very important:

This petition and the website ProtectCaryHistoricArea.com are not made by the Town of Cary. They are made by the Cary residents who oppose the 2021 Hatcher rezoning application, and all the negative implications that impact the quality of the residents’ and their childrens' lives.

11 - This petition and the website will be made available as feedback from Cary residents to both the Town Council of Cary and also the Planning and Zoning Board, who are responsible in taking decisions about the rezoning petitions in Cary. 

Thank you for your signature, opinion, and comment!

Together let's protect Historic Carpenter Special Planning Area.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!