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Operation: ROBO REBIRTH, a petition to revive the Custom Robo game series made by Noise Inc.

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What is Custom Robo?

Custom Robo is a unique fighting game that lets you control your very own robot, or “Robo” for short. As the name implies, you can customize your Robo with various parts to change how you move, shoot, and strategize.

What makes this series so unique?

The gameplay is very fast-paced, and very tactical. You’ll find yourself running, jumping, and hovering around a good amount of the time you play. Using your guns, bombs and pods, you can engage your opponent in various ways as you cover the battlefield. The arenas you traverse range from neon-lit landscapes to duking it out inside an empty chinese bowl. (You heard me right!) The futuristic music you'll hear is extremely memorable and catchy, leaving you with a long-lasting impression. 

How many games are there?

A total of 5 titles. The original Custom Robo (1999) for the Nintendo 64 was the first version ever released, being exclusive to Japan. The most well-known entry in the series is Custom Robo Battle Revolution (2004) for the Nintendo Gamecube, bringing the series to North American shores for the first time after 3 Japan-only games. Finally, the most recent title to release was Custom Robo Arena (2007) for the Nintendo DS, which expanded the series into European territory and included online multiplayer.

Why has the game disappeared?

Sadly, there has not been a new title in development for 7 years. With such a large amount of time passing, it is incredibly hard to locate copies of the previous games. With new Nintendo hardware such as the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS launching, these titles have begun to fade away. The online multiplayer network for the Nintendo DS system no longer exists, leaving no way to play this game against far away users and online friends.

Why “Operation: Robo Rebirth”?

The movement is inspired by Operation Rainfall, a fan-made campaign which succeeded in bringing an RPG game called Xenoblade: Chronicles to North America, the content previously being exclusive to Japan. The company that made the series was astounded by the demand coming from the fans, and fulfilled their request. In the title for this operation, the “Rebirth” part is derived from the newer Custom Robo games; a mechanic where if your Robo falls, it will get back up, enjoying a nice period of invincibility. This operation is to see that once the series gets back up again, it shall enjoy a time of invincibility.

What action should we take?

Now you may be wondering, “What would we get out of this?” The answer: Having the Custom Robo series revived in full glory. This could mean an HD remake, a completely brand new title with in-depth online multiplayer, or even a Virtual Console release. Regarding new features, the possibilities are endless! This petition is a means to contact the company in charge of Custom Robo, and show them our interest in the series. With every signature obtained, we are one step closer to achieving our goal!

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