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The 2015 Whooping Crane migration has gone on long enough - 126 days to be exact as of February 2nd 2016. These 6 cranes have been in a ~50 foot diameter travel pen without water roosting and exercise, only being let out to fly on the rare days when the weather is perfect for a migration leg. The cranes are currently only 20 miles from their destination at St Marks Wildlife Refuge and the current weather forecasts do not look good for another week to fly them there. 

These cranes should have been at their winter habitat well over a month ago to begin foraging for food on their own and learning valuable skills necessary for their survival. Adult Whooping Cranes have or will soon be leaving their winter territories as the days get longer and they feel the urge to return to the summer territories. 

It is time to end this madness and crate them. Missing ~20 miles of this migration leg will not prevent them from returning to their summer territory in Wisconsin as has been shown many times in the past. If it's really "about the birds", people will understand and forgive you for not having a flyover celebration.

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