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Bring Fibre Broadband to cabinet 2 at East Wickham, Welling.


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For most people a fast reliable broadband connection is a necessity. Unfortunately, for some residents of East Wickham in Welling an extremely slow connection is all that's available. If your internet connection is via a standard telephone line it makes no difference what Internet Service Provider you choose. They all connect via a BT/Openreach street cabinet, and if thats not fibre enabled, the internet is very slow!

The area that is served by the BT/Openreach cabinet called "Kidbrooke PCP2" has no other option but to use this old slow ADSL connection. BT/Openreach were scheduled to enable the cabinet for fibre broadband in 2010. Since that date BT/Openreach have given many excuses, the most popular is that there are too many cables and pipes in the location of the proposed new cabinet. This means that there is no fibre broadband available and hundreds of local households have to suffer from a substandard internet connection.

The speed averages 3-4Mbps down and 0.2Mbps up, meaning that sometimes it's impossible to use the internet. For example, it's not possible to watch Netflix, Youtube or iPlayer when anyone else is using the same connection. Also, uploading files of more than a few megabytes in size is not possible, and working from home via the internet is simply not feasible. 

What makes this even worse is that every other telephone cabinet in the local area has been upgraded long ago and other options like Virgin are not available. Last year new houses were built on the old Hill View council site and have fibre directly to the house, bypassing the need for a telephone cabinet. They enjoy 330Mbps download speeds and a useable internet connection.

The area is about nine miles from central London and yet the internet speed for people connected to this cabinet is slower than some of the most remote places in the UK.

We call on BT/Openreach to upgrade the "Kidbrooke PCP2" cabinet now, without delay.

How to help.

These are the affected postcodes:

DA16 2RE  1- 25 Bellegrove Road
DA16 2RJ  1 – 28C Welling Way
DA16 3QU 1 – 39 Sandringham Drive 
DA16 3RT 202 – 298 Bellegrove Road 
DA16 3RH 261 – 315 Bellegrove Road 
DA16 3NL 168 – 202A Wickham Street, inc Green man Pub. 
DA16 3RL  349 – 379 Bellegrove Road 
DA16 3LQ  1- 56 Lulworth Road 
DA16 3LG  1 – 4 Jubilee Flats, Lulworth Road
DA16 3RB 148 – 156a Bellegrove Road
DA16 3RE 174 Bellegrove Road (Dr Surgery)
DA16 3LW 2 – 37 Baltimore Place
DA16 3NP 1 – 12 Wickham Court, Wickham Street
DA16 3NR 206  – 212 Wickham Street
DA16 3RA 189 – 201 Bellegrove Road, inc Bridge Garage & Welling Methodist Church
DA16 3LH 1 – 56 Newlyn Road
DA16 3RD 164 – 196 Bellegrove Road, inc Mulberry Court
DA16 3AH  Bains Court, 197 Bellegrove Road
DA16 3LL  Peters Close
DA16 3LN 1 – 31 Maryville, Baltimore Place
DA16 3LD 1 – 4 Lulworth Road
DA16 3RG 1 – 18 Bellegrove Close

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