Open up Flights in Canada to All!

Open up Flights in Canada to All!

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Started by amanda koenig

Its time for Canada to open up flights to their people. All people Vaccinated or not we Should be allowed to fly again. 

During the worst of the Pandemic flights were open not only to people in this country but also internationally. People could go on vacation, travel inside Canada, people were allowed in and out of this country no problems. They just needed to take a test and prove they were not effected by Covid. This was fine because it made sence. Although the cost makes it harder for people to travel it made sence to prove you were not sick on the flight. 

Fast foward 2 years and finally everything is open again, people are going back to normal and businesses are able to open and run normal hours. We now know how it works we know the virus does get more contagious as it progresses but also weakening showing its commonality to the common flu virus.

That being said we are not allowed to fly at all with out proof of vaccination in or out of our own country. Things have been proven to be safe and everything else is open again but we still need to be Vaccinated to fly...

They say  it's for "safety" but then one could argue that it would be more effective to instead be allowed to take a test to prove we don't have covid to travel. Instead of being forced into a injection some of us do not wish to have. 

They have proven the Vaccinated can still get covid and still spread covid. People who are Vaccinated can still get bad symptoms or light symptoms or no symptoms. On the other side of things People who are NOT vaccinated can get covid and also have either no symptoms or easy symptoms or bad symptoms. 

There for only allowing Vaccinated people to travel doesn't make sence.        Everyone should be allowed to travel.        If they still want to continue to be sure they don't have sick people on the flight then why not let us take a test to fly ?

So I ask why we can not travel and see our families in our own country even with a negative covid test? Why can we not at the very least get a test and prove we are negative before flying? Why must we get a flu shot ("vaccine") we clearly don't want to travel when we can still get covid and be forced to stay home anyways ?

I like many people am absolutely fed up with these irrational rules. We have Family and Friends we are loosing valueable time with because we are not able to fly in our own country. The people have the right to decide if they get this "vaccine" or not. Everyone has their own opinions and rights to decide if it's right for them. We Do have a voice and we can use it and It helps to do things together as a team. It's time to build community again and work together to make this place better. If you want to see these Vaccination rules Lifted for travel inside Canada this is the petition for you.

It's not only a human rights issue, it effects many in different ways. Not being able to fly or work/keep your business open also becomes a mental health issue. Not to mention an economic issue. We are all effected when the economy is effected We must be allowed to travel with in our own country to be able to spend money in Canada. Just like we need our local shops and businesses to thrive for our cities and country and the people in it to thrive also. If we individually do well we help eachother do well also. Now that everything else has been lifted we ask for the Vaccine Flight restrictions to be lifted.

They need to know how we feel about this. If you sign this petition you agree that enough is enough it's time to open up travel again to all Vaccinated or Not. 

We want our freedom back. 

Together we stand for a better place for all and today we stand to support Canada and all the people in it.

Thank you � 

- A 

Thank you for your support.

146 have signed. Let’s get to 200!