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Open Sealed Adoption Records at Age Eighteen

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Tens of thousands of people in America are treated as second class citizens. These people come from all types of genders, sexualities, religions, and races. They are adoptees. Adoptees are people who have been adopted due to various circumstances. In a closed adoption, an adoptee does not know his biological family's medical information. This puts an adoptee at great risk because he does not know if he is genetically predispostioned to serious illnesses such as a family history of cancer or early heart disease. Adoptees have died because of this. It is imperative that we create a Federal law in the United States and our territories (ex: Puerto Rico) that all adopting parents receive a full medical background about their adopted child's biological family's medical history, and that this information can be shared with the adoptee at any time. To continue in America we become adults at the age of eighteen. We are allowed to purchase tobacco (although it's not a healthy habit), go to war, vote, and hopefully become more responsible than in our youth. However, the tens of thousands of adoptees in this country are not allowed to have identifying access to their biological family's information. This is not to protect the parties involved, but to protect the adoption agencies. Statistics from various resources show that 97% of parents who relinquished their children want to have contact when their children become adults. Adult adoptees are just that, adults, and responsible and mature enough to handle the outcomes when they meet their biological parents. Adult adoptees must be given the rights to have identifying access to their biological families, in order to choose if they want to meet. Some cases will end in success, and others will end in bitterly, but that is what life is all about. The government should not interfere in the personal happenings of an adult's personal life. As an adult, adoptees are mature and capable of handling both good and bad outcomes of meeting their biological family. Another aspect is that the majority of adoptees want to know their ethnicity and their family history. Adoptees also want to know about their roots, like many African Americans. It is time to unseal closed adoption records at the onset of adulthood. It is done in Britain and so it can be done here. Depending on when the OSB was signed, some people are not permitted to have PASSPORTS this is a discrimination and previously African Americans were denied passports as well. 

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