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On March 21, 2011 Missouri Right to Life posted an announcement on their Facebook page stating that they were raising money in support of a billboard campaign in Missouri.  The billboard reads: “The Most Dangerous Place for an African American is in the Womb”). This billboard campaign is both racist and sexist because it accuses Black women of being a danger to our community and violent threats to our children.  This is part of a national campaign attacking black women through the claim that abortion is black genocide. This anti-choice campaign began in Georgia.  These billboards have appeared in Atlanta, Memphis, Mississippi, New York City, Wisconsin and Chicago.

In early April, the St. Louis billboard was placed at the corner of Cass and North Jefferson. On April 13, 2011 the St. Louis African American Aldermanic Caucus sent a letter to the owner of the billboard condemning this campaign and demanding that the billboard be taken down.

The billboard has since been defaced and removed, but Missouri Right to Life continues to fundraise through this campaign online and has indicated their intent to place additional racist billboards.

Send a message to Missouri Right to Life right now - "Stop Targeting Black Women -- Abandoned this dangerous and racist campaign." 

Missouri Right to Life is shamefully using the bodies of Black women and the reproductive health disparities Black women face in a fundraising campaign and for their own political gain.  In fact, Missouri Right to Life is also against comprehensive sex education and endorses politicians who oppose many of the safety net programs some Black women rely on to take care of themselves and their families.

Join the effort to highlight the hypocrisy of Missouri Right to Life.  Tell them to stop trying to fundraise and furthering their political agenda on the backs of Black women. Abandoned this dangerous and racist campaign.  Send your letter to Missouri Right to Life today.  You can also call them: Missouri Right to Life 573-635-5110

Letter to
Missouri Right to Life Pam Fichter
The recent billboard sponsored by your organization with the message, "The Most Dangerous Place for an African-American is in the Womb” is offensive and racist. I demand that you stop trying to fund-raise and furthering your political agenda on the backs of Black women. I demand that you abandoned this dangerous and racist campaign.

Black women have less access to reproductive and sexual health education, including family planning, prevention and transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Putting messages like this in the African American community does nothing but use the bodies of Black women and the reproductive health disparities Black women face to further political agendas. That Missouri Right to Life is seeking to raise funds through this disgusting campaign only adds insult to injury. Real conversations need to happen about family planning that place Black women and their needs at the center of the discussion. Only Black women can take the lead in formulating a multi-prong strategy to address what it takes for Black women to be healthy, have healthy families, and live in healthy communities to achieve reproductive justice.

Issues like racism, violence, lack of access to education, high rates of unemployment, and lack of access to healthy foods -- these are some of the real issues that must be addressed – not Black women making the decisions that they understand are in the best interest of their families.

I look forward to hearing from you after you have abandoned this dangerous campaign.

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