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Open Letter to Iowa Legislators Regarding Judicial Impeachment

Wednesday was a landmark day for the Iowa Supreme Court. Justice Mark Cady delivered the State of the Judiciary speech before the legislature and gave a reasoned and powerful defense of the role of the judicial branch in our state’s history and everyday life.  Now we need your help to further spread this message, especially with the dangerous talk of impeachment in the air.

If you have not already done so, please take a moment to sign our open letter to the legislators asking them to not take up judicial impeachment. Add your name to the petition or go to our website and sign:



Letter to
Iowa State House
Iowa State Senate
I strongly urge you to resist any and all efforts to impeach the four Iowa State Supreme Court Justices. This threat undermines the integrity of Iowa’s courts and the whole judicial system.
Iowa’s law on impeachment is clear: It is only for officials who violate the law or their oath of office. Impeachment is not a wrecking ball every time some people disagree with the outcome of a single case. That is why a judge has never been impeached in the history of the state.

The future of the courts and these justices should be decided through the retention vote process, not a small, but loud minority who wish to inject politics into our court system.

Please protect our courts. Iowans want our courts to dispense justice not politics.

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