OPEN ALL RECORDS TO THE PUBLIC regarding OLD COLONY ROAD on December 14th 2017

OPEN ALL RECORDS TO THE PUBLIC regarding OLD COLONY ROAD on December 14th 2017

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Why this petition matters

This online global petition intends to serve our mutual interest in Public Safety through the exposure of records that are held in the sole authoritarian grip of the Toronto Police Service. Through this petition, the signatories request that the legislative recipients of this document shall immediately unseal and Fully Publicly Disclose the pertinent details of all calls to 9-1-1 regarding OLD COLONY ROAD in Toronto from the date of December 14th 2017.


On the fateful night of December 13th-December 14th, I John-Paul Santonato attempted to halt the homicides of Honey and Bernard Sherman via a convenience store clerk's cellular device, across the street from 165 Kennedy Road South in Brampton where the co-conspirators held a penthouse apartment located directly adjacent to the elevator.

At the end of this entire thread the names of three of the major conspirators have been published. I assure you the statements I have made are established facts. Toronto Police have been notified of my claims, however have refused to grant me a video interview with polygraph, or permit me to identify the perpetrators in any of the security footage that exists. To me this is perplexing. Regardless, here is where we are at today, and why I am pressing for this intelligence to become PUBLIC.

With the information provided to dispatch thought to have been relayed correctly, I ended the call believing the group would have been caught. I knew about their homicide at that time, as I had been privy to the plot. I am alive today because of my feigned participation. At no point did I attend the scene. I had no intention of doing so, and only informed the conspirators of my intention not to attend at the last moment available; when they left to carry it out on the evening of December 13th 2017, from 165 Kennedy Road South. I remained behind with "Uncle", an aged man of eastern description. We consumed cannabis and played cards under an ominous undertone and low light until we had run out of rolling papers, so I made the excuse to vacate and purchase some. Uncle offered change; I declined. My debit card would be of some use that moment as it corroborates my whereabouts. That convenience store across the street (on the West side of Kennedy road South) clerk did not have a landline, and the call had ended a couple times. I had to get through, so insisted on calling again, having paid for my rolling papers. He obliged, and I eventually got through to dispatch and expressed my sincerity that I knew about an ongoing homicide "at the residence of Honey and Barry Sherman" were among some of my exact words as recalled. Their address was not clear to me at the time, I dont comprehend Tamil, only Russian language which they apparently opted not to utilize in their conspiring. The conspiring I had been present for occurred primarily along the highways as I drove part of the group to their location in Southampton, Ontario in the region of Saugeen Shores, at their address in Southampton on Albert Street South, and at their address in the penthouse of 165 Kennedy Road South, Brampton. I do not intend to stray from my recollections as they are still very vivid.

So in essence, this Petition is among the various efforts to expose the degree of corruption and obstructionism which exists in the Policing community (certainly Toronto's in this instance), and to help bring these perpetrators to justice.

Here is an excerpt from a Toronto Star article published by Kevin Donovan in 2019:


"Toronto police were investigating a mysterious 911 call down the street from Barry and Honey Sherman’s home at the same time as the Apotex founder and his wife lay dead or dying, a Star investigation reveals.

The Shermans lived at 50 Old Colony Rd. They were last seen alive on the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017. Their bodies were discovered two days later. No official time of death has been released but sources close to the case have said it is believed the Shermans died late on Wednesday or early Thursday morning. Police are investigating the case as a targeted double homicide.

On the Thursday morning at 9:45 a.m., a full day before the Sherman bodies were discovered, homeowners down the road from the Shermans answered a knock on their door. The Star has agreed not to identify the homeowners or their exact address. They live roughly 10 houses away on Old Colony, near Bayview Ave. and Hwy. 401.

The man at the door was a uniformed police officer asking if someone in their home had made a 911 call. The homeowners said no. The officer shared few details, but said police believed it came from the homeowners’ house, but did not say if the call had come from a cellular phone or a landline. The officer did not say what time the call came in.

The next day, when news surfaced late in the afternoon of the Shermans’ bodies being discovered, one of the homeowners happened to be driving near Toronto Police Services 33 Division (the local division that was at the time investigating the Shermans’ deaths before the homicide unit took over). The homeowner went in to make a report, wanting to alert them to the fact a police officer had been on Old Colony Rd. the day before.

“It was just too much of a coincidence and I thought police should know,” the homeowner told the Star. That Friday night at the police division, the homeowner was told by police that “maybe some wires were crossed” and that is why it appeared a 911 call had been made.

“[The Toronto Police Service] made light of it and they said they didn’t think it was anything that was relevant,” the homeowner said.

At the time, police were pursuing the theory that it was a murder-suicide. Six weeks later, police announced it was a double murder. Homicide officers have been probing the case for the last 17 months and recently an officer said during a court proceeding that detectives have a “theory” of the case and “an idea of what happened.” Police will not say if they have a suspect or suspects.

The homeowners who had the visit from police checked with Bell and Rogers and were told there was no evidence of a glitch, crossed wires or a 911 call coming from their house.

“It has left me feeling really weird that (police) would think there was an emergency call coming from me. It just seemed too much of a coincidence,” the homeowner said. Numerous questions have sprung to the mind of the homeowners. Did the police have the wrong address when they came to knock on the homeowners’ door? Did the call come from a cellphone which then hung up and police were not able to get the exact location? Had the call come from 50 Old Colony Rd.?

That was not the only unusual occurrence on the normally quiet Sherman street that Thursday.

At the same time police were checking out the 911 call down the street, a four-door car pulled up in front of the Sherman home. It was 9:11 a.m. and the car remained on the street until 10:16 a.m. By this time, it is most likely that the Shermans were dead, according to sources close to the case.

A security camera on a house across the street from the Sherman home captured a man getting out of the car three times, each time walking onto the Sherman property and up to the front door, according to neighbours whose cameras recorded these events. The neighbours, who provided the video to police, said the images on the video are blurry, as it was focused on their own property and only picked up the Sherman property in the background. They said it was not possible to make out the man’s face, the licence plate on the car or the type of car. The neighbours have said they believed the man went in and out of the Sherman house but the Sherman private detective team has studied the same video and it is “inconclusive” as to whether the man enters the house or stood in the alcove leading to the front door, according to Brian Greenspan, lawyer for the Sherman family.

Given the location of Old Colony Rd., a dead-end street on the east and accessed off Bayview (a main thoroughfare) from the west, it is likely that a police officer would have passed the car parked in front of the Sherman home that Thursday morning on the way to check out the 911 call.

The Star presented these two pieces of information to the Toronto police last week and asked two questions. First, could the police provide information about their investigation of a 911 call from a nearby home that morning, including the time of the call and whether police were certain it came from the homeowners’ house down the street. Second, the Star asked if it was possible that the person knocking on the Shermans’ door was a police officer in an unmarked car, who was also checking out the 911 call.

Director of communications Allison Sparkes gave the following response: “As for your questions below, we are unable to comment on any aspects of open, ongoing investigations.”

The Star went back to Sparkes, noting that it would likely be of public interest if the 911 call was related to the Shermans case, and also that, if the person knocking at the Shermans’ door was a police officer, that would also be of public interest. Sparkes said, “We can’t comment on any aspect of open and ongoing investigations.”

Sources close to the Sherman family say the family is aware of these two events but in the dark on the significance — if any — of the occurrences.

After the Star and other media published information in late March about the mysterious visitor outside of 50 Old Colony, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said at a press conference that the police know who the person is — but are not saying.

“I can tell you we knew who the person was, why they were there, (the person) was interviewed,” Saunders told reporters earlier this year.

The Star reached out to the police constable who went to check out the 911 call but he was unavailable for comment."




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