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OP: POTCO Unity - Support the POR/TLOPO merge

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 ATTENTION ALL FORMER PIRATES ONLINE PLAYERS! We are officially proposing an end to the divisiveness and polarization within the POTCO community, and calling for a merger between both POR, and TLOPO. Please read the following thread that's just been posted on the Pirates Forums. Let us know what you think! Your input and feedback is valued more than you might think. Be sure to share the following thread with all of your fellow friends and pirates! Help us save the Pirates Online community before it's lost forever!

Pros of merging

  • Instead of having two development teams who are in many cases re-developing things that the other team may have already completed, we could work towards implementing new content at a hastened rate.
  • Our SEO and internet presence as a community overall would be substantially higher.
  • More funds would be available, which would allow us to hasten development, advertise more, finance better servers, etc.
  • Terrorist groups like ROT and TFS which often feed off of the support of one emulator in order to target another would go away.
  • Activity would increase as a result of better SEO, more frequent updates, more GM events, and a public game with no queuing system.
  • Many hundreds, if not thousands of people who left the community in the past due to the divisiveness and lack of updates/inactivity would be more inclined to return.
  • Our sister community; ToonTown, and potentially even Disney Interactive would have a new profound respect for us for having reunited and put an end to the constant divisiveness, drama, and animosity.
  • The embitterment which has plagued the POTCO community for more than a year now would largely dissipate.

Cons of merging

  • Certain individuals will have to undergo the painful process of having to learn how to get along with one another for the sake of the greater good.

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