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Appeal to Keralite street-dog haters to refrain from defaming animal lovers.

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After the staged, unconstitutional and barbaric decision by an all-party meeting in Kerala to cull all street dogs of the State, a worldwide campaign was started to protest this brutal act. 

While some Keralite animal haters have united and misinterpreted it to be a 'hate and/or boycott Kerala' protest, animal lovers across India and the world stand united in the belief that this protest is only to oppose the inhumane act of mass culling.

There is practically a virtual war that the animal haters of Kerala have thrown open targeting animal lovers across India and the rest of the world. Animal lovers are being attacked, provoked and belittled on all social media websites, as well as event pages. 

Those who love dogs worry about their survival and mistreatment. Those who fear them (sometimes justified) take extended trouble to avoid them. Those who dislike them actively suggest inhumane ways of handling the situation. Bottom line, their presence is concerning to all residents alike. However, we don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Other states in India having the same problem have already worked out effective solutions that are summarized below. Note that “culling” or herding dogs to the pound and killing them has never helped any country in the world solve this problem.

The prevailing method of capturing dogs in Kerala with iron tongs is illegal and against the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 laid down by the Supreme Court of India. It clearly spells out that dogs shall only be captured by humane methods such as lassoing or soft-loop animal catchers. The solution to it all is quite simple, actually. Condemn the killings, and instead, focus on what you can do as a community.

1. Domesticate the Dogs: This means you let a few hang around your community in the front without shooing them away. They will “guard” your community and also build trust, leading to effective next steps to help sterilize them. They are also very territorial and will guard against new strays coming into the area. 
2. Eliminate Garbage Dumps: It is proven that where there is litter and garbage, there will be stray dogs. Estimates indicate that Kerala generates 6000 tons of waste every day. However, local issues have prevented even the collection of solid waste. The end result is that the stunning Kerala landscape has been converted into a stinking, garbage strewn one. Channelize energies towards effective waste management.
3. Feed the Dogs: If you regularly feed them, they will no longer be aggressive and will be very convivial and amenable to being led to getting sterilized. 
4. Vaccination and Sterilization: The above three steps will allow the “capturing” of the strays which is generally a HUGE issue in order to avail of the ABC (Animal Birth Control) program. This will then avoid new puppies and the growing population of strays.

To conclude, DOGS ARE NOT A MENACE. Nobody wants to hate people in Kerala. What we are all hearing is the concern and opposition to the extreme steps taken by politicians and media. They are instrumental in creating hate between animal lovers and other ordinary people. Everybody is sensitive about the lives of affected people. There should be no personal agendas and vendettas. Every issue needs a resolution; one which is logical and most importantly, HUMANE. 

Selling hatred is quite shallow, and uncalled for. Besmirching animal lovers and compassionate citizens only reflects poor character. We sincerely request Keralite street-dog haters and Facebook trollers to abstain from provoking animal lovers and verbally attacking them, and rather to broaden their views to incorporating effective, tried and tested solutions. This is the answer to your problems!

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