No to electoral fraud - for a Mexico without violence.

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We, the citizens of Mexico ask for your help, today more than ever do we need the attention of the whole world.

1st of July 2018 is the presidential election day in Mexico. Previous elections in Mexico have been full of irregularities and complaints, with a growing lack of confidence in federal and state agencies amongst Mexicans. We are afraid of the idea of once more have irregularities in the presidential election, leading to electoral fraud.


There is also a growing fear of violence, due to the widespread anger amongst the citizens of Mexico with our government regarding corruption, and the lack of respect for human rights.


We ask for the help of organizations and citizens of all countries, to participate in electoral observation during the Mexican presidential election, either directly or by spreading the word. We also demand a free and fair election, and that the federal agencies will respect our democracy and our laws, so our election for president will be a legitimate one.


Please help, and visit if you are interested in being an international electoral observer.