OSPCA: Push for Lifetime Ban on Marineland, Canada from Owning ANY Animals!

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Following an investigation by Last Chance for Animals, the OSPCA has charged Marineland, Canada with 11 counts of animal cruelty. The maximum possible penalty includes a lifetime ban on owning animals for Marineland's board of directors. Sign now to urge the OSPCA to push for this ban!

This is LCA’s second investigation of animal cruelty at Marineland, and it is crystal clear that animals have no place at this deplorable theme park. The evidence gathered by LCA reveals numerous instances of improper care and mistreatment of their land animals, including:

  • The discovery of multiple dead animals—including deer, fowl and bison—on a daily basis. The dead bodies are stored in an onsite freezer before they are buried in Marineland’s mass grave
  • Animals with severely infected eyes receiving no medical treatment
  • Countless fallow deer limping from undiagnosed injuries
  • Hundreds of fallow deer warehoused on a barren lot hidden from public view, with inadequate access to shade
  • A fallow deer fawn left to die in the hot sun; after being discovered with a hole in its abdomen, the Marineland supervisor said that they would pick up the deer the next day, after it had died
  • Male pheasants being injured and killed because of aggressive flock mates
  • Bears, whose diet included moldy produce and fly-infested fish, suffering from chronic diarrhea

As seen in these findings and in the findings of LCA’s previous investigation of marine mammals, Marineland consistently fails to take proper care of its captive animals. The OSPCA must do the right thing and request the maximum penalty if Marineland is convicted; a ban on owning ANY animals!