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Deliver the maximum penalty to Cheryl Rockstuhl for animal abuse charges

Cheryl Rockstuhl has been charged with animal cruelty after starving her eight-year-old female pit bull-mix dog. The dog was severely emaciated and was in “extremely poor condition,” according to Ottawa Humane Society officials. After a veterinary examination, the dog was euthanized.

“It’s horrible to think of how this dog suffered, slowly starving while her owner took no notice,” said OHS Inspector Miriam Smith. Of course her owner noticed!! Her owner did this on purpose. No once can stop feeding their dog and not notice!

Ontario has some of the best animal cruelty laws in Canada, but they are not being enforced. Acts of animal cruelty must be taken more seriously and penalties must be harsher.  For example, a man in Ontario who starved his three dogs to death (one was found barely alive, being eaten alive by maggots, covered in porcupine quills and thrown on a garbage pile) only received 50 hours of community service, 2 years probation and he couldn't own an animal for two years. This is all he got. What kind of penalty is this, for such a horrific and cruel crime, he got off practically free!

We respectfully request that the Provincial Prosecutor, Yvonne Goebel, suggests the maximum penalty for this animal abuse charge.

Ottawa Sun news article

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