Fair Pay for Ontario pharmacists' professional services and billing numbers.

Fair Pay for Ontario pharmacists' professional services and billing numbers.

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Hon. Peter Bethlenfalvy (Minister Of Finance)

Why this petition matters

Started by Tamer Matta

Operational costs of pharmacies have increased tremendously during the last two years, caused by extra expenses, pharmacists' pay has increased due to extreme shortage, and compounding costs have increased with the addition of the much-needed NAPRA guidelines, plus many more expenses due to inflation and the need to increase our staff pay to help with inflation.

Pharmacies in Ontario are primarily funded by Ontario Drug Benefit, and pharmacists have been up to the challenge during the pandemic doing above and beyond their normal.

The government is saving on budget by adding new duties to pharmacists without a fair compensation structure, while we are struggling with inflation and we are required to do more duties while we are forced to increase our staff pay during those unprecedented times.

We the hardworking noble pharmacists of Ontario are looking for proper compensation for our services whether offered for ODB or Non-ODB recipients, we suggest the following:

1) Extending Prescription       $15 

2) Expanded scope activities $30

3) Vaccinations                         $25

4) Faxing for a refill                   $5

5) ODB Dispensing fees up by $2-3 based on zone

6) Brand upcharge to be paid based on the best available wholesale price and not on the manufacturer's price.

7) Generic companies should comply with MOH pricing guidelines. If one can come up at a lower than regulations what is stopping another from raising their price?

8) Budget adjustments at the pharmacy level should stop, we have done a service and got paid for it, No one has the authority to take back what was paid unless proven to be false billing.

9) ODB compounding fees should reflect current expenses caused by NAPRA compounding regulations.

10) Private insurance imposing regulations without discussing them with our representatives is another motivator for dramatic improvement in our style of pharmacy advocacy.

Other provinces like BC guide the above-suggested values.

We have been offering free services for too long.

We offer unique knowledge, and accessibility, and we are well known to be trusted Healthcare professionals to all Ontarians as per the latest surveys.

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2,731 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!