Ontario MPP's - Repeal Bill 156 NOW!

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On June 8, 2020, Ontario MPP's were warned by lawyer Ali Pester that the first application of Bill 156 may be one where an animal-agriculture worker used "reasonable force" against an animal-rights activist that led to injury or death.

Less than two weeks later, on June 19th, her prediction sadly came to fruition. A truck driver entering Fearman's slaughterhouse in Burlington - carrying pigs to their death and emboldened by Bill 156 - ran down lifelong activist, Regan Russell, leading to her death. Those who voted in favour of this bill are wholly culpable in this tragedy.

For those MPP's who believe this was an "accident" and not caused by their reckless actions, we need only look back to 2017, where a white-nationalist in Charlottesville, USA - likewise emboldened by rhetoric from politicians - ran down and killed activist Heather Heyer. 

Your words matter and your actions matter.

We are calling on all MPP's of good-faith, to repeal Bill 156 and bring forth a new bill - one that protects the rights of Ontarians to exercise free-speech, expose abuse & violence and speak up for those most marginalized in our society.  Act NOW before tragedies like this become all too commonplace.


The People of Ontario

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