Keep Ontario OHIP Virtual Care Codes after COVID19

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Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, Ontario physicians received no payment for visits and care done by telephone or other electronic means. This meant patients would have to travel to see a doctor, even for lab results or other simple issues. 
With the immediate necessity of physical distancing during the pandemic, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOHLTC) rapidly agreed to “temporary” billing codes to enable physicians to be paid for their work by virtual (phone or video) means. Patients now have the opportunity to save time and travel costs as well as avoid exposure to COVID19 by connecting with their physician virtually. 
The increased access and capacity for physicians to provide care has been extraordinarily evident. Patients appreciate the connection without needing to come to an office and sit in a waiting room. Physicians are more efficient in their care and can “see” many more patients per day with virtual care. 
Therefore, this petition asks the OMA and MOHLTC to review the effectiveness and cost of these virtual care billing codes after the Pandemic has eased and determine how to continue to recognize the work done by physicians while providing more accessible care for Ontarians.