Hospital Meals that Heal - It's the 'Food that Matters'

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Hospitals are not appropriately accommodating for nutritional preferences. Patients need to receive foods that heal to promote health and wellbeing.

Personal story:

Change Day Ontario has provided a voice for citizens in Ontario to voice their concerns regarding health and wellness. The Nursing students at York University have proposed “Food that Matters”, a Change Day Initiative to address the nutritional needs of patients in the hospital setting.

The issue:

In October 2018, a survey was conducted by 'Food that Matters' (@foodthatmattersYU) assessing patient experiences in the hospital setting. Individuals were asked a variety of questions including "Were you satisfied with your food options?" and "Were you assessed for your dietary needs?".

Results from the survey revealed that only 43.1% of individuals were satisfied with their nutrition, and only 29% were asked for their nutritional preferences/assessed. This is unacceptable for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Canada.

Patients need to be taken care of in the hospital, and everyone needs to be assessed for their nutritional needs. Nutrition plays a key role in healing: Food in the hospital should (1) be better than normal; (2) promote health and healing; and (3) all should be assessed for their individual needs.

Take action!

There should:

  • Be more jobs for dietary staff and dieticians 
  • Be a larger focus on hospital nutrition and how to bring in local and holistic nutrition 
  • Be more funding set aside for nutrition as hospital dietary staff are not being provided the correct budgets, or recognition they deserve through all their hard work.
  • Be more awareness on the long term benefits of providing healthier food in Canada in hospital settings


Advocate for adequate, supportive nutrition in the hospital setting that fosters better health and wellbeing to improve health outcomes.

We are hoping to raise awareness regarding ‘poor nutrition in the hospital setting’ to better accommodate for health challenges that desperately rely on proper nutrition management (e.g. chronic health challenges).

Link to our Facebook Page @foodthatmattersYU

Link to our survey 'Food that Matters'

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