Request Ontario Government to expedite the approval for cheerleading in Ontario to resume

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Let's show Ontario that cheerleading is ready to return, just like other sports! We have over 4000 cheerleader athletes in Ontario so let's have your voices heard from the athletes, supporting parents and alumni.

Hi, I'm a parent of an Allstar competitive cheerleader in Ontario. Due to current requirements of being identified as a "sport" in Ontario, the cheerleading athletes are not to be able to return to cheerleading. The goal of this petition is not to have cheer recognized as a sport, this has already been initiated by the Ontario Cheerleading Federation (OCF) and is progressing, but will take time. The goal is to express our Ontario government that Cheerleading is able to safely resume and operate under the required conditions now. Cheerleading is able to operate in identical manner as other sports allowed to open.

To our Ontario government leaders, while we are aware of the many more worries you have been dealing with during this pandemic. We ask that you take yet another moment of your focus to understand our sport, the current situation and consider allowing cheerleading to resume in a safe manner just like Gymnastics and Hockey.

Cheer has already safely started up in other provinces, but not in Ontario. Ontario has a high number of cheer athletes and some at the world competition level that are not able to train to prepare for the 2020-2021 season. When I first heard of cheerleading, I thought it was just loud yelling and pom poms. It’s much more incorporating demanding gymnastic tumbling, high paced dance, unbelievable stunting and power lifting to execute those stunts.  

It is very important, as in any sport, to maintain skills and physical conditioning. The cheer coaches have been amazing at trying to keep the athletes in shape as much as possible during this break by doing virtual classes on stretching, conditioning and balancing. This will continue but the direct coaching one on one like in Gymnastics goes even further to support the athlete and prepare them for the demanding competition safely. 

Our gyms have been working extremely hard during the pandemic shutdown on how we can safely restart. They have implemented new protocols such as:

  • requirement for coaches/leaders to wear a mask
  • single entry/exit in the gym
  • deep cleaning of the gym daily with specialized disinfectants
  • no crowding of parents to observe athletes, just drop and go
  • no contact during coaching
  • maintaining a safe distance during practice
  • regular hand sanitization

We are ready to return to cheerleading safely!

Let's gather the entire cheerleading community's voice in a single petition to help our provincial leaders understand the readiness of cheerleading and help expedite the safe return of our athletes.