Ontario needs to allow Physiotherapists to help those in need now!

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Physiotherapy services in the community needs to be reinstated in Ontario immediately to meet the rapidly growing demand of patients with worsening pain or dysfunction!

Physiotherapists are highly educated medical professionals whose treatment not only increases quality of life for their patients but also reduces the burden on the Ontario health system by reducing the need for emergency room visits. Physiotherapy patients in Ontario have been waiting for more than 2 months to receive treatment for conditions including acute injuries, debilitating chronic conditions and other conditions which impact their ability to work, care for themselves or care for their family due to pain or dysfunction.

I am a patient of a Physiotherapist in Ontario and I am writing to let you know that my inability to receive necessary treatment from my Physiotherapist is significantly impacting my quality of life!

While I have tried to be patient during this COVID crisis, I was surprised and very disappointed that this very important medical service was not included in the 1st phase of openings in Ontario, when Physiotherapy was a Phase 1 priority in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

I request that you immediately reinstate full Physiotherapy treatment within the province of Ontario so that I, and other Ontarians can receive the treatment we need to regain our quality of life.