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Ontario Legislature: Get rid of this Pit bull ban!

The reason why this ban should be lifted is because innocent dogs are being killed just because of what they look like. Its like saying lets kill all these people because of their culture, it just isnt right. Many people have gone so far as to say that "they deserve it," Why? why do these dogs deserve being put down, have they physically hurt yu? have they done something to you that was so wrong that they must die?

All the senarios that happened with Pitbulls were because of there stupid owners, who were fighting them and not giving them love. Alot of people buy pitbulls because they want tough dogs and they wanna look "cool," so the dogs are trained in a manner that is aggressive and mean. Whos to say that just because those people cannot buy a pitbull and do that, they wont turn around and get a Rottweiler to be aggressive and mean?

In every case where a Pitbull is being showcased on media, they do not show the loving Pitbulls, they do not show the 100s of Pitbulls that have saved lives, they do not show the familys that are hurt and devastated that there loving dog who has done NOTHING to NOONE , must be put down simply because how they look and what other dogs of there breed have done. Studies have showed that Pitbulls have killed many children and people or have badly injured them, BUT they did not show the true side of each story and the Pitbulls are left to blame. The America Temperament Test Society (ATTS) found that the APBT scores higher than the Collie, the Beagle, and many other "family dogs" that do not have to endure the unfair stigmatization that pitbull type dogs do.

What needs to be banned is the bad owners, not the dogs! Responsible owners should be enforced. I think that a licensing exam that potential dog owners must pass in order to possess a dog is what should be done, NOT BANNING THEM! Dog ownership is like getting a liscense its not a right its a privilege. If owners are educated, both adults and children, itll reduce the dog attacks. It is also not just Pitbulls that are to blame, but all breeds are in the fight together, if a dog is not raised or treated properly, problems will occur. But when a dog is treated properly, correctly and shown love and compassion, along with respect and patience, the dog will ALWAYS return the favor.

This problem is not just in Ontario, it is global. The same problems have come up in USA, England, and Australia. So far it has proven WORTHLESS. Thankfully people have stood their ground and raised their voices and never wavered until the ban was lifted and pitbulls were once again allowed to live happily. This has to stop all over, it just isnt right. There are people who will not fall into this ban and are dedicating themselves completely to this cause.

This is a battle that will only have one outcome, and i hope and pray that these dogs have a chance to live happily with amazing owners who will love and care for these amazing dogs. Please, please do not let these people make yu think these dogs are the devil, remember its the bad owners not the breed or dog itself. 


-- Angelina Costa.

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