Paws 4 Patios - To change the bylaw to allow dogs on patios in Toronto & Ontario.

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We aim to change the law to allow dogs on patios in Toronto & Ontario, at the discretion of local restaurant owners/operators. 

Here's our petition:

People in Ontario and especially Toronto are blessed with dozens upon dozens of patios to choose from during the summer months — unless you're enjoying a summer day with a dog in tow; when your patio options to become practically non-existent.

As a world-class city with more than 230,000 dogs, there's a huge business opportunity for local restaurant owners and operators to cater to dog owners, and current overly-aggressive bylaws prevent common sense legislation and a cultural experience on par with virtually all major cities around the world.

Dogs inside a restaurant is a whole different story, and not what we're aiming to achieve here. But in an outdoor setting, many people fail to see any health and/or scientific difference between the outside perimeter of a patio and the inside of it... they are both out-of-doors.

Paws 4 Patios thinks it's high time we bring our pooches and our proposals to the Ontario Government to demand that restaurant owners and operators should have the right to choose whether or not they'd like to welcome leashed dogs into their patios.

All we're hoping for is an opt-out system, whereby business can still have the option to not allow any dogs on their premises whatsoever. But for those restaurants that decide they want to allow dogs on their patios, they should have the right.

Currently Ontario law bands any live animals from anywhere food is served. Governed by the 1990 Health Protection and Promotion Act (yes- 1990!), this regulation is massively limiting and archaic in nature. Outdoor patios represent an environment where dogs do not pose health or sanitary concerns as they might in a closed, interior space.

In global cities like London, Paris, New York, LA and Tokyo (and many more), dogs are welcome almost everywhere.

Even other Canadian provinces like New Brunswick, British Columbia and Alberta have all taken the lead in amending restrictive provincial health & safety regulations so that leashed and attended / well behaved dogs are permitted on restaurant patios at the discretion of the owner/operator. Paws for Patios is petitioning that the Ontario government follow suit!

Sign the petition today to support leashed and attended dogs being allowed on patios at the discretion of local restaurant owners/operators.