Stop the importation of puppies for resale

Stop the importation of puppies for resale

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The Ontario government allows puppies to be imported at 8 weeks old for resale. Many of these puppies arrive sick and continue to have health issues causing undue stress on owners and our shelters. Often they die. They originate from European puppy mills and fill the shelters. They also cause many Ontario families a lot of heartache. 

The puppies parents are enslaved in their puppy mills bearing litter after litter. You can help!!!!

We are asking the government to disallow these mass imports. 

The government and airlines make money on these shipments and the brokers are often unscrupulous and do not support the families once they are in trouble. They charge astronomical prices for these inferior pets that are born from puppy mills. We have enough puppy mills in Canada, we don’t need to import puppy mill puppies from another country. 

The Bulldog breed has been banned in the Netherlands and it will come here if we do not work with the government to stop this barbaric practice. 

All people that care about animals should be alarmed. Puppies also die in transit. Please share and sign and get this terrible practice stopped.