Ontario government should pay rents directly to small landlords during Covid-19 pandemic

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Ontario premier Doug Ford recently announced halting all evictions in Ontario until further notice, which implied that tenants may not be required to pay rent and can't be evicted by landlords. This announcement has encouraged guilt-free rent strike where tenants might simply withhold rents even if they can pay and believe it’s rightfully to do so. 

Did the government ever think about how the small landlords can pay mortgages, property taxes, insurance, condo fee and utilities if the tenants don't pay their rent? If Ontario government allows tenants to avoid eviction without paying rent, landlords should also be exempted from paying mortgages, property taxes, insurance, condo fee and utilities. Tenants need help from the government, so do the landlords.

Ontario government should set up a rent bank to pay out rents directly to small landlords for those tenants who can prove that they have been laid off or had their working hours reduced. The government should advise all tenants to pay their rent as usual if they can, but if they cannot, they can get help from government's rent bank.

Some banks announced that they offer six-month mortgage payment deferrals on a CASE-BY-CASE basis. However, most landlords won't get any mortgage relief.  The conditions from banks and especially private lenders are onerous. And it's deferral only, not forgiveness. The final payments will become larger after the covid-19 pandemic because interest will be accumulated. In addition, most banks and private lenders don't even allow deferral for investment properties.

We are small landlords who worked very hard to save some money to buy an investment property, or perhaps just rent out rooms in our own homes. We face the same issues (unemployment, or less working hours) as the tenants. We will lose our homes or properties if there is no government relief. We need immediate help from the Ontario government!