Get Ciara Home!

Get Ciara Home!

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Heaven-Lee Graham started this petition to Ontario Family Courts

Ciara’s Story

575.. 575 days.... we have been fighting 575 days through the war of Family Court...
Before you comment or speak without thinking, please listen to my story of my Bonus daughter. It’s not only been our fight but hers too.

Sadly Ciara’s story is a tad torn and a bit hard to understand but let me do my best, so then you can hear this baby’s story and maybe just maybe we can get our baby home.

It all started in October of 2019, before I was there to help, before I was aware of the chaos that was about to unfold, before I had met this amazing girls father and fell in love with not one person but two.

Let me back track a bit, though this part is hard to understand but it’s important to know.
Ciara’s parents both struggled with addiction and when Ciara was born they vowed to be better for her. G my husband sought help and found rehabilitation and redemption. He was on a road to the man he is today and the man he knew he needed to be for his daughter. Leaving town only under the impression his baby girl was safe in the care of her mother.... Sadly this wasn’t the case at all and soon would begin the war of this poor babies life.
You see Ciara’s mother was also doing her absolute best to try and be the mother Ciara needed. I know she tried because I seen her, we were once friends and I would still never come between her and her daughter even with all the war had left wounded. She was fighting best she knew how, but struggled with mental illness and soon put her pain before her purpose and trusted the wrong person in the process.

Leaving our beloved baby with who we will call the “the baby sitter” for all legal purpose. While her conscious believed her baby was safe and her belief she was doing the right thing she left our baby in the care of the babysitter. She would try and call and get to the baby sitters house out of town and she truly did not know what was about to unfold would be irreversible. She thought she was doing what needed done to be the best mom she could and soon her chance at that would be completely out of reach.

By Mach 3rd 2020 the babysitter had convinced and offered her “help to Danielle” in signing the affidavit that gave the baby sitter “effective temporary custody” of our poor girl as her Dad was still living out of town.

Fast forward back to now almost 2 years later...

Sooo 575 days we have been in and out of court jumping through every hoop thrown for our girl. Her father became the man he knew he could by not only getting but also maintains the same job for over a year. He lives for his daughter and has done everything in our waking power since he returned to retrieve his baby girl sober and rehabilitated.
We have fought accusations, drug tests, had our relationship put on trial and soo much more to prove we deserve to have our baby girl back.
I have been to 2 separate college programs, as a stay at home mom to my own 3 year old daughter. We have a beautiful home and the girls share our enormous master bedroom w suite all just for them. I love each of them uniquely but with my entire heart, to me the universe gave me to her because she knew she’d need someone to tell her story and fight for her at all costs! So that’s what I’m hear to do!

In the 3 years my beautiful girl has been alive, learning and living through this world, too many people have made it harder than it should be for her.

So let’s see this from Ciaras perspective. She was dealt a hard hand from the go, she spent her earliest months fighting for this life only to have one entitled and selfish person mess it all up for her.
Well she’s already had to wonder for far too long where her parents are, when we have been fighting every waking moment for her.
We have moved mountain after mountain to get her home, all to be tasked with more, endlessly questioned and dissected under the microscope of thee courts for the baby we want sooo badly to come home and never gave up to begin with.

Since June 2020 I have watched and joined in this battle and seen this baby cry more times than I ever want to remember because she doesn’t want to be there, she wants to be home with her sister, her dad, myself and pets.
She wants to stay in one place and gain adjustment after the most turmoil any baby should face. Yet she is denied this every court date because someone else speaks for her. She is being belittled and undermined being told she’s delayed and regressive in developing because her heart is torn and her tiny emotions don’t know what to do.
After studying psychology of human development I can promise you this is developmentally damning to our girls most crucial time of development and if we don’t soon get her home the damage will only worsen.

We are simply parents (yes. I am her step parent) just trying to fight a broken system in bringing home our poor girl.
It’s been 575 days of just over 1000 of our little girls life she been fighting this battle to come home.
Please don’t forget her name Ciara, she is just one of many children fighting to get home in a broken system.
She has a perfectly amazing father who works everyday to make sure when he gets her home it’s perfect the way it should be. He is kind and non violent, he’s an amazing dad and his biggest dream is the war ends that keeps him from his baby girl.
She has a huge loving home to come home too, a fridge full of food and arms full of love in not just me and her sister but her umpteen aunts, her 2 sets of grandparents and cousins. She is surrounded by people who love her and just want her home.
We tried the system and now I’m looking for a bigger answer. I’m looking for you to read Ciara’s story and see how hard this baby has fought to get home. She just wants to be with us and we just want her to be home with her family and yet we fight and pay lawyers who just drag out the days as our baby still isn’t home.
Please hear her story and help us bring her home.

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