PROTECT Kawartha Highlands Signature Park and make the Highway Safe

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There are huge concerns From people about the misuse of this park and the road safety. Located on Highway 36 Buckhorn. 
From Craig:
"This BEAUTIFUL piece of parkland cannot withstand the kind of foot traffic that it is being subjected to. There also needs to be some consideration given to the huge increase of pollutants in a short period of time being added to the water from people's sun screen, tanning oils and bug repellents. The wildlife habitat is being destroyed and animals that use this area for a water source and a natural crossing area to the wetlands are now being forced to go elsewhere, simply by the presence of large amounts of people. We usually have deer, bear, raccoons, wild turkeys, osprey, turtle, snakes, porcupines and beavers just to name a few that use this area regularly. There is a huge littering problem and drinking of alcohol going on in the park, and today evidence of drug use in the parking area. There was a man changing into his swim suit at the side of the road. Yes naked to the kids, and others there or passing by. "

A company (not sure if permits were obtained or not) has set up shop and is profiting from the rental of tubes. It was noted due to the online advertising of this oasis that there has been a huge increase in people trafficking the area as well as a fear of roadside mishaps. There has been concern for the wildlife, the littering and illegal activities.  There is also a huge concern that the above company is not directing monies to the preservation of this park. 

A solution is needed, parking space would be ideal. No alcohol allowed, as we all know swimming and booze do not mix. 2 or more employees should be posted at this site during summer months to ensure the environment is being respected and it is safe for all people attending. Also it would be ideal if the employees would limit the number of attendees. The park itself should be the ones to handle any transactions to ensure that the park itself is profiting and protected. 

From Regan Doughty 

I am not a Buckhorn local, we had lived there for a time years ago. We loved the vast spaces and all the wildlife that is there. 

We had been to this spot with our children, and enjoyed it immensely. We also have taught our children that when you enter a park, trail or otherwise you leave it as clean as it was before you got there, and if someone left  a mess you help clean it. We all have an invested interest in our environment. We also all have a duty to respect the roads. This highway was not designed to accomadate the parking or the foot traffic limiting the ability of anyone who may walk here to be forced onto the highway. 

If you have any concerns, if you have been here you will know what we are all concerned about. Please take a moment to sign this petition and or contact the following.

ONTARIO PARKS is currently limiting  tuber numbers at this park. I don't have contact information.

Bev Matthews mayor


Ron Windover, Deputy Mayor
Phone: 705-657-8121
Mobile phone: 705-731-9871

Committees: Lakehurst Hall Board, Committee of Adjustment, Property Standards Appeal Committee, Sandy Lake Cemetery Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee

Peter Raymond, Councillor for Harvey Ward
Phone: 705-657-1618
Mobile phone: 705-872-7965

Committees: Kawartha Region Conservation Authority Board, Otonabee-Peterborough Source Protection Authority and Municipal Working Group, Community Care Harvey, Community Development Committee, Trent Lakes Public Library Board, Buckhorn Outdoor Rink and Sports Pad, Parks and Recreation Committee, Mining and Aggregate Committee, Trent Lakes Rural Outreach Centre Liaison, Buckhorn Community Centre Liaison


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