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I am acting as a Civil Agent on behalf of Adrianna Costello. On Ocotober  6th 2016, while Adrianna was in the process of moving some of her belongings, a dog began running up to her while she was carrying 6; 10 day old puppies. The the mother named Princess pushed passed her as she was putting the puppies in the truck and jumped out of the truck and chased this dog and gave her a warning nip as any protective female dog would do .Dogs generally have a protective instinct, which is more prevalent when a female dog feels the need to protect her young.

Since this incident there has been a tremendous amount of media and social media reporting some very untrue and unfair judgments against both the owner, Adrianna and her dogs, Princess, Kimber and Damian. Which in turn brought on an investigation that would have all 3 dogs impounded and sentenced to death.

They were labelled as 3 white pitbulls of which they are not! Only Princess did in fact nip the other dog.which according to sources was a minor surface/puncture wound. The owner of the other dog did not have his dog leashed and it would seem more than fair to say that the other owner made a great deal out of the incident simply because he was certain that they were pitbulls. As he makes many references to this in his many media statements. 

Unfortunately, there was a report that the dog passed 2 weeks later from her injuries. However, a social media search would confirm that it was almost a month later. Furthermore, sources have stated and other social media searches would indicate that the dog was never seen by a veterinarian or that she in fact died from complications to such a minor wound. There in no proof anywhere that a licensed veterinarian treated this dog.

It is not fair or just that 3 innocent loving pets should be penalized to death because of this. There are many different avenues and circumstances that come into play. They are also someone's loving companions and should not be destroyed for behaving like a dog.


This was not an extreme vicious attack and that is what makes this incredibly unbelievable. Not to mention 2 of the 3 dogs are completely innocent in the whole affair. 







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