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Started by 905uzzy .

I’d like to begin by saying Rest In Peace to Moses Demian for taking his life on January 4th 2021. I personally do not know who Moses is however I came across his story on multiple social media sources. A person on Instagram who goes by the name of Dev Chaube (@AntiHoonHoonClub) recorded a video of Moses being detained by Toronto police. Moses had kindly requested Dev Chaube (@AntiHoonHoonClub) to NOT post the video but he thought it was right to Blackmail him. Dev requested $50,000 from Moses in order to NOT have the video posted which I believe is very wrong.  Dev clearly stated in multiple screenshots that he doesn’t know Moses and that he’s trying to use Moses to gain publicity & money for his brand. Now that Moses has taken his life Dev is posting lots of different videos and photos on social media using Moses’s death to build his brand. The point of this petition is to have Dev Chaube and others involved arrested since they’re responsible for the suicide of Moses Demian. I’m kindly asking the community to sign and share this petition so Moses’s family gets the justice they need!

May Moses Demian RIP!

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7,534 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!