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Only Vote Bernie

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                                    I'm Liberal but I'm not a sheep.

        This is a open letter to the democratic party. I'm tired of watching the so called progressive party sellout to the will of the greedy. I'm tired of watching the democratic party back down from every fight that really matters. I'm sick watching you trade away the livelihoods and welfare of the people you were elected to help. I'm sick of hearing you tell us you're making jobs while you're making unfair trade deals without job protecting tariffs. I'm disturbed by how willing you are to be corrupted.
        These are just a few of the issues I have with the people in the democratic party and this is why I want and we need someone like Bernie Sanders. I'm taking a stand here and now. I don't care who the democratic party nominates. I don't care if Bernie Sanders doesn't run as a independent if he's not nominated. I will not vote for anyone running now other than Bernie Sanders. I will write in Bernie Sanders name regardless of who you nominate. I'm done picking the lesser of two evils.
         Consider this letter me putting you on notice. I will spend my free time everyday getting as many as I can to agree to do this with me. I hope you make the right decision for once in your lives because if you don't you're not going to win the election.


This is to everyone else:

  1. He's not the lesser of two evils.
  2. He's not bought and paid for.
  3. He's for the people, not the money.
  4. He will actually answers questions.
  5. He's honest about himself.
  6. He has a track record of doing what he said he was going to do.
  7. He doesn't bargain away the welfare of the weak.

You cannot suspect a leader to be uncorrupted if they're not all of these things. So please stand with me and make the Democratic party understand, If you don't represent me you will not get my vote. America is bleeding out and it's time we start plugging the holes. 

Please help me and my country. Please share, show, and talk about this to any American you know. You can find me on Google plus as xxxxxxxxxx or you can email me at xxxxxxxxxx if you have any questions.

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