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Only animals should wear furs.: Stop killing foxes for their fur

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Foxes play an important ecological role, as they "clean" the environment, and their survival often depends upon the amount of available food in their territories. They bury food and have a very good sense of hearing, picking up sounds of small animals in the grass, underground, or under the snow.
Unfortunately, many young foxes are raised on factory farms in tiny, filthy wire cages. Many of these foxes live for years in hideous conditions before farmers kill them and sell their fur to make coats, cuffs, collars, and trim. Others are caught in steel-jaw traps, which crush their legs until trappers arrive to beat them to death hours or days later. In many parts of the country, frantic foxes are pursued by starved hunting dogs for "sport." Once the dogs catch up to them, they tear the terrified foxes limb from limb.

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