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To sign a Petitiion to STOP LION BREEDING PARKS

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The Picture says it all, So for volunteers to go and volunteer at a breeding park in South Africa thinking that they are going to do a good and cool cause to help raise a lion cup,” isn't that so cute.” Well let me tell you that you are living in a nightmare of a world if you want to go and do this. Breeding parks in South Africa tend to look very environment friendly and say that they do this to secure a future for al lions and predators in the park. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!! Wake DA FUCK UP. If you believe the park bullshit stories, you are just as narrow-minded brainwashed as societies fucking victim to the false advertising all over the world..

I have been there I have seen what they do and how they operate under the radar. So you go and pay loads of money to go help out a multi millionaire company that makes millions of money. and you are helping them to achieve just this process even more. let me tell you in a nutshell this is how it works so at a park they have two to three males they use for breeding and bunch of females so they put females in enclosure for all to see and say AWWW ! how cute. but they do this so the female can go on heat, the mating starts, after 4 months lions cubs, lion cubs get taken away from the mother at two weeks (where is the ethical conservation for future lions in that???) oww wait they will tell you it is to keep them from diseases..... what you mean they die also in nature naturally born???? they are weakening the gene and also for the female to go faster back in heart to get new litter of cubs, after taken away from the mother the cubs are put to be raised by volunteers bottle fed, how cute it is just so amazing. “I can just slap you right now” then cubs get to age of about three months they are curious and bite and scratch and the been told not to by being slapped and told they wrong “WILD ANIMALS” whiles this tons of tourist line up to have their photo taken with a lion cubs, it is a non stop handling one after the other for hole day after day. stress and not a nice way to see how HUMAN beings treat lions so ill respect just to get their photo the way they want it. Such a pity have not been more attacks, just shows how much love is in a lion to not act. Parks have made tons of tourist money and volunteer money. so when the lions is at age of 13 months they all get put in enclosures where all handling stops, and far away from any human contact, now it is a waiting game for up to when they are five years of age, to be put on a separate website account with a picture of the lions and says prise trophy hunt, sold for hunting for some rich hunter just to have his picture taken where he shot a lion or his head mounted on a wall. and they pay up to R800 000. in dollars that is $100 000 so now each lion park has almost over a hundred lions so work it out.

So next time you go and want a see a lion breeding camp think and stop supporting these companies and don't go and volunteer to help raise a lion and be part of the canned hunting industry. be part of saving lions and securing a safe future for them. take a step to the right. before long we say i should have, don't be a one that says I should have, be the one that says I have done.

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