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One Million Moms, a group affiliated with the American Family Association. has started an email campaign and boycott against Macy's. Why? They are upset about a Macy's wedding registry ad featuring a 3-tier wedding cake with two grooms on the top. The cake appears in the back seat of a Just Married" car.  

Macy’s has been a supporter of marriage equality since 2008.

"Just because gay marriage is legal in a few states does not mean this is appropriate marketing. As a conservative customer I will not support it," they say. The group also calls Macy's decision to support gay marriage "an irresponsible choice" that is "highly offensive and not family-friendly advertising."

See their campaign of hate on their website:

Don't let their voice be the only one Macy's hears.

There are several ways you can help:

1.   Sign this petition letting both Macy's and AFA know you stand with Macy's. 

2.   Contact American Family Association separately and tell them you stand with Macy’s.

Phone : (662) 844-5036

Fill out the AFA on-line comment form:

Email AFA:   

3.   Shop at Macy's, either in-store or on-line and make sure to let them know why you're there.

4.   Report the One Million Moms group on Facebook as a hate group: To do so, follow these instructions: 

Go to the main page of the Facebook group. Scroll down to the bottom of the left column and click on 'Report Page'. When a pop up loads, click on 'Hate Speech or Personal Attack' then use the pull down menu and choose the option of 'Targets based on gender or orientation'. Wait for it to go through and click 'okay'.

One voice rarely makes a difference. Collective voices are history in the making.

Letter to
One Million Moms American Family Association
President, Macy's Terry Lundgren
I was saddened and disappointed to see your email campaign and boycott against Macy's because of their wedding registry ad featuring two grooms atop a wedding cake.

Unless one or more partners are being abused or victimized I believe no one has the right to dictate who should love whom. Trying to legislate homosexuality will never work because being gay is not a choice or a "lifestyle" but rather inborn in each person.

However, if human sexuality IS a choice as you maintain, I challenge you to choose leaving your straight relationships and become gay.

Sounds far fetched, doesn't it?

It's no less so for a gay person to choose to become heterosexual.

It isn't real. It isn't right. It isn't normal.

Macy's has the courage to say that same-sex relationships and yes, same-sex marriages, are beautiful.

I stand with Macy's and applaud them for choosing love over hate.

Sincerely yours,

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