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I will size up my carbon 'feet' now and take meaningful steps to reduce

Host Planet, Toast?

We have very little time left to avoid runaway climate catastrophe.

If everybody thinks cutting carbon is optional, too difficult, or Someone Else's Problem, and we all act accordingly, we are all toast!

If everyone thinks cutting carbon is vital, urgent, and acts accordingly, then we will inspire each other, and survive.

Like charity, the collective carbon clear up begins at home:

Instead of blaming or waiting for others to act, I will look at the (wo)man in the mirror and take serious strides to clear up 'my own backyard'

I hereby sign this 'petition' to ‘demand’ that I 'carbon coach' myself in 2012:

1. I will identify the main chunks of my personal pollution contribution - my carbon shadow;

2. I will cut as much carbon as I happily & inspirationally can - over the year ahead - and ever after.

In so doing I declare myself to be ONE in a MILLION carbon coaches in 2012


Link to some optional reading that seeks to explain the thinking behind #millioncarboncoaches

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